MyPortal and Student Portal


Please note that the Student Portal ( and MyPortal ( are two different systems and require two different credentials. The credentials you set in Student Portal ( may only be used to log in to that system. MyPortal ( is our learning management system where the online classrooms are. If you are a new student, accounts will be created after the registration period. You will receive your credentials in your nominated email address.   You can also submit a request for technical assistance for help with your MyPortal & Student Portal account here.

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Can’t Find Your Course In MyPortal But Enrolled?


You might be having trouble browsing or finding your enrolled course in MyPortal. Here are some possible problems and solutions.   You can find your enrolled courses in your dashboard's courses section. The course has not yet begun or has already ended. The course is not yet available or hidden from the student by the FIC. The student has not yet been registered to the course site.   You can either get in touch with the designated Faculty in Charge of the Course for more information.  

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MyPortal Forgot Password/Cannot Log In


If you're having trouble logging in or if you've forgotten your login information, you could follow to the steps below. Solution: Follow this link, then enter your username or registered email address. A message with instructions on how to regain access will immediately be sent to your registered email address.  

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