Desktop & Laptop Not Booting / Screen No Display


Your desktop may not be starting or may not have a display for a series of reasons. Here are some potential causes and fixes.   Loose Monitor and Power Cable Make sure the power cable has been plugged in properly. There may be a problem with the cable between your system unit and monitor. VGA, HDMI, or VDI cable replacement If that still doesn't work, try connecting your computer to a different outlet. Use a wall outlet instead of a power strip or surge protector if you're using one. No Display on Boot Force restart your desktop by long-pressing the power [...]

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Slowing Down Of Desktop / Laptop


There are a few causes behind the general slowdown of computers. Here are some potential causes of computer slowdown and suggestions for preventing it. System Updates Software updates take up more space on your hard drive than their prior versions, yet updating your software frequently is excellent for your system. Hard Drive Disk (HDD) Cleaning unnecessary files from your drive, running a disk check, and making space. HDD simply old and slow down with time.There is nothing you can do to change it. However, you may either purchase a computer that already has an SSD installed or replace it with a [...]

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No Internet / Network Connection


Follow this procedure to troubleshoot your network connection problem:   See if your WiFi is disabled or if you are connected to any of the available UPOU connections. Ensure that your device has a Local Area Network (LAN) cable connected. To get better network access, try placing your device close to the WiFi modem. Restarting your WiFi modem device might also attempt to improve its network connection. Forget the network and try to re-connect to other WiFi connections that are available.  

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Printer Issues


The following list includes typical printer issues along with solutions Printer not Detected / No Available Printer If the printer is not in range or recognized, it may not be installed on your device or connected to your network, making it invisible to all users. Solution: By making sure your printer is connected and powered on. Check to determine whether the printer is installed on your device or is available by going to the control panel and selecting printer and devices. Select Add New Printer and choose the printer you wish to install if it isn’t already installed.   Paper Jam [...]

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External Peripherals Not Working (Mouse, Keyboard, Etc.)


Because they are used so frequently on a regular basis, external peripherals like keyboards, mice, monitors, and other devices frequently malfunction. Here are some solutions to your concerns. Ensure that the computer's peripherals are securely connected. Replacing the defective unit. Upgrading the Drivers is as simple as going to the Control Panel and clicking Update under Device Manager.

External Peripherals Not Working (Mouse, Keyboard, Etc.)2022-10-26T13:44:56+08:00
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