Exam Portal Forgot Password/Cannot Log In


The Exam Portal used for exams wherein the examinees are not enrolled in one course such as admission exams, comprehensive exams, and removal exams. If you're having trouble logging in or if you've forgotten your login information, you could follow to the steps below. Solution: Follow this link, then enter your username or registered email address. A message with instructions on how to regain access will immediately be sent to your registered email address.

Exam Portal Forgot Password/Cannot Log In2022-10-27T10:30:40+08:00

Can’t Access The Exam Portal Due To Missing Account Credentials?


To take the exams, you must have an account and be able to log in to the Exam Portal. Ensure that you are currently enrolled and listed as an examinee. Your registered email address will receive the account credentials; check your Inbox, SPAM folder, and Junk Folder for them. You can try utilizing the forgot password option if you know your username for the exam portal. You can get in touch with the UPOU Admission Office if you're an applicant, and the Office of Student Affairs if you're a student.    

Can’t Access The Exam Portal Due To Missing Account Credentials?2022-10-27T10:31:35+08:00
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