Dr. Reinald Adrian Pugoy, Director of the UP Open University (UPOU) ICT Development Office (ICTDO) and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Information and Communication Studies (FICS), served as the resource person at the Data Analytics Forum organized by the College of Management (CM), UP Visayas, on 21 November 2023. The event gathered CM faculty and staff for an immersive exploration of how data analytics can elevate teaching, public service, and research within the college.

His presentation, titled “Decoding the Data Universe: Navigating Insights with Data Analytics,” highlighted the importance of data analytics for faster and better decision-making, and in uncovering hidden opportunities, making grounded insights, and reducing and mitigating bias. Dr. Pugoy also demonstrated tools and techniques in Data Analytics, followed by an open forum moderated by Dr. Jose Neil Hortillo, Faculty member of the CM Department of Accounting.

Dr. Christopher B. Honorario, CM Dean, wrapped up the program by extending gratitude to the participants for their active participation and acknowledging Dr. Pugoy for his invaluable time and service to the University. He also highlighted ongoing plans for a series of fora and training workshops centered around data analytics and its applications.

The Data Analytics Forum serves as a platform for in-depth discussions on the background, uses, tools, trends, and applications of Data Analytics in 21st-century organizations. The forum aims to equip participants with updated knowledge to enhance data generation and facilitate effective decision-making.

Written by Kristine Rose Cortejo ♦ Edited by Reniald Adrian Pugoy, Myra C. Almodiel and Anna Cañas-Llamas ♦